Trigger Warnings: This comic contains depictions of domestic violence, spousal abuse, alcohol, medical sexism, abortions, and prematurely born infants.

I drew this comic in the late 2000's, probably 2008 or 2009. I’m sharing it again now after SCOTUS has struck down Roe V. Wade. It's based on a true story, but not my own. Most of the words are from The Worst of Times: Illegal Abortion : Survivors, Practitioners, Coroners, Cops and Children of Women Who Died Talk About Its Horrors by Patricia G. Miller. This book is out of print and difficult to obtain, but includes a variety of testimony from survivors of the time before Roe V. Wade. This comic is made with a small excerpt from the book under fair use. 

If you find this comic resonates with you in any way, please make a donation to a local abortion fund, or contact your local governor, mayor, senator, or any politician, to request that they fight to defend the right to abortions. The right to safe, legal abortions is a human right; abortions are healthcare. 

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